The (Wow, Can You Believe it?) Ginny is Ninety Book

Ginny was once a little girl. She was very loved by her mother and father. They were a threesome. No annoying siblings. Her mother called her Mimi, after her favorite opera, La Boheme.

Here we see Ginny in the center of a group of unidentified young people. One guesses it is a class photograph. As long as we are making assumptions, let us assume that Ginny is at the head of her class.

Ginny is a gal who knew how to have fun!

Ginny was a model, and boy was she a hottie!

Fashion was one of Ginny's greatest passions. So she turned to fashion design and the life of a high-powered career woman. But don't get her started on the "unions". She became quite a committed supporter of the Republican Party--but we love her anyhow!

Ginny and the Princess Irene had the same suit. Ginny looked better in hers!

Butch was Ginny's first husband. They had many happy years together. They lived in Chicago and then retired to Miami Beach.

Butch played cards with Joe Rose. They were friends. When Butch was very sick, Joe Rose visited him in the hospital. Joe had recently lost his wife, Sylvia. Butch told Joe, "I can rest in peace if I know you'll take care of my Ginny." Joe promised he would.

Here's the happy bride and groom getting ready to cut the cake.

Ginny and Joe had a lot of fun together. They loved spending time in California. Ginny was different from Sylvia in many ways. The first time she ordered ham was a shocking event, indeed!

Ginny took good care of Joe when he got sick. Although she lost him, she ended up with quite a big family, including six grandchildren and their spouses and fourteen great grandchildren. Fortunately, she wanted them (we think).

Ginny and Winnie are a dynamic duo!

It's not easy making Ginnie do what she doesn't want to do. But it sure is fun watching Winnie try.

You go, girlfriends!

Well, Ginny, you sure don't walk as fast as you used to, you're a lot shorter, and we won't mention your hearing. But you've still got that great sense of style and an unbe-lievably quick wit. (A few days ago, when asked if you'd ever had any other nicknames, you quipped, "other than jackass?") You're spunky and beautiful. You have a lot of people who love you.

Happy 90th Birthday!